Vocal Point meeting
Director McKay Crockett addresses the group.

We sat in on a BYU Vocal Point meeting as the singers watched footage from their past show. Director McKay Crockett had the members watch sections of each song with critical eyes in order to critique and improve. Crockett started the meeting with praise for working so hard saying their energy was fantastic, the show was excellent–but they were there to make it even better.

BYU Vocal Point members commented on their performance, often laughing at themselves for making silly mistakes.

“It looks like we don’t know what we’re doing,” one singer joked. “It’s like we don’t know how to make it look cool.”

Overall, the group critiqued their spacing and formations in the choreography, facial expressions, breathing and overall energy of each number. Crockett emphasized the importance of nailing all the notes and having enough air to keep their energy flowing. He told them that they could stand in a circle and sound amazing but they take it to the next level with exciting choreography, which takes sacrifice. The amount of energy required to perform each song comes with practicing and working out.

“I just see so much potential in this group, and so I’m going to keep pushing you,” Crockett said.

Vocal point member
BYU Vocal Point members discuss how to improve from their last show. Left to right: Carl Prince, Spencer Myler, Cody Phillips

Even though Vocal Point members are extremely talented, they always seek new ways to improve, something we could all learn from. So, we compiled a list of tips from their meeting and have shared them below.

How to make the next performance even better, according to BYU Vocal Point:

  1. Practice in rehearsals the way you will be performing it.
  2. Singing is a work out, so you must actually work out to have energy and sufficient breath.
  3. Ask yourself, does the choreography feel right for this moment?
  4. Cool transitions aren’t cool if you rush them.
  5. Don’t waste moments of audience interaction.
  6. Take advantage of every moment you are on stage, don’t give only 50%.

At the end of the meeting the group sang a little song for us. Click the link below to watch!

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