Dean Ed Adams giving the opening remarks to start the convocation.

Valerie Wells McDougal playing the Organ.

Music Performance graduate Eliza Jane Holland performing “Une Châteleine en sa Tour” on the Harp.

Music Performance graduate Arianne Sam Brown conducting the music.

Graphic Design graduate Olivia Maude Lee Whittle speaking on “The Art of Storytelling and Storytelling in the Art”

“The Art of Storytelling”

Dance Graduate Megan Miller Moncur speaking on “Endurance.”

Moncur sharing pictures of her family as she describes being both a student and a mother.

Media Arts Studies Graduate Merritt E. Mecham speaking on “Learning Empathy Through Meaning Systems”

Studio Arts Graduate Leica Maria Jones speaking on “To Reach a Distant End.”

Public Relations graduate Nalia Leila Tafua speaking on the future with “The Rest is Still Unwritten”


Jeff Dodenbier
Jeff Dodenbier
Public Relations major at BYU with an emphasis on being a family man and a minor in running, eating cereal and reaching for the stars.
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